Bike Interview: Stella from Rolling Orange


1. Tell us about Rolling Orange?

Rolling Orange Bikes was founded 4 year and a couple of weeks ago by Ad Hereijgers, a Dutchman that works as an urban planner in New York. He saw the ever growing number of bike lanes and thought ‘on what kind of bikes are people going to enjoy these lanes?’ Coming from bike nation Holland, that has a strong tradition manufacturing city bikes, he answered the question as himself ‘with Dutch bikes that I’m going to bring here’. That’s how Rolling Orange started. Marc, my partner and I joined ROB 2 years ago. We want to bring our love, knowledge and bike culture to New York City. ROB was founded in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, because the biking situation in Brooklyn is a little bit more advantageous than in the city, although things are still rapidly changing for the better there too.

Rolling Orange Bikes is about getting to your destination relaxed, comfortable and in style. Our bikes with the upright sitting position, skirt guards, chain guards etc. allow you to bike ‘just as you are’. No need to dress for biking, just ride in the clothes that you want to wear. Also, we want open peoples world with our bikes. Biking is just another way of getting to work, to your date, to the gym, to the shops, dropping your kids of etc. This is where our bike culture comes in, we have over 100 years of experience in doing just that!
Why schlepp your kids and groceries around walking if you can take a bike, or even a cargo bike? We do acknowledge the different circumstances: more hills, hot, steaming Summers, therefore we also have e-bikes available for people who want a little tail wind. We also rent bikes and give guided bike tours in Brooklyn and Central Park.
2. Where is your favorite destination for a bicycle ride?
I guess the beach, although I’m still figuring out the best route. Second best: Red Hook with the amazing views at the waterfront. Such a shame you don’t have access to swimming water there!

3. Does your bike have a story?
It is hand built in The Netherlands and a quintessential Dutch ‘Oma’ or Granny bike. The design originates from the 1900 when women wanted to rid bikes too, in their long dresses. It’s a really comfortable and smooth ride, also to the beach! A lot of bikes brands claim to be Dutch, but they’re not. This is the real thing and I love it.
4. What is your favorite restaurant?
Difficult. I always enjoy Mogador in Williamsburg. Yesterday I had dinner for the first time at Zizi Lemone in South Williamsburg and that’s really very good too. And Hibino in Cobble Hill, fabulous Japanese food. They cook tofu in way that you can actually enjoy it.

5. Who is someone you admire?
Antony Hegarty – Antony and The Johnsons – a beautiful and inspiring artist, songwriter and performer. Of course he has this fabulous and angelic voice that he uses to sing his wonderful poetry. He dares to be vulnerable as an tans gender artist but also by asking our attention for how were treating our planet, which is a far cry from sustainable.

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