9 Stylish Reasons To Use A Bike Bell

Most bike rider don’t know but bike bells are required by law in most US cities. A bike bell is a good idea even if it’s not required by law in your town.

Here are 5 reasons to attach a bike bell to your bike’s handlebars.

  1. The bike bell let’s other bike riders know you are going to pass or close behind.
  2. A ringer on your handlebars is great to alert pedestrian when they walk out in bike lanes.
  3. It looks cute on your handlebars.
  4. The bike bell can draw attention from that cute guy on the sidewalk.
  5. The ringer can set the tone to your ride.

Here are 4 more reasons to attach a bike bell to your handlebars:

6. This pastel patterned bike bell is stylish and feminine.


7. A vintage-inspired black and white cameo adds sophistication and a luxurious feel to this bicycle bell.

Cameo_Bike_Bell_grande 8. This parrot bike squaker is always a conversational starter. Parrot_Bike_Squeeze_Horn_1_grande

9. This retro inspired rotary phone bike bell is fun and rings loud! Dring_Dring_Bike_Bell_Telephone_grande

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