8 Ways to Store Your Bike That Looks Cool

When you are not out riding, storing your bicycle safely and fashionably can be tricky (especially in small city apartments). While locking them up on a fence or inside may not give you the security or space needed for your beloved two wheels, there are still some saavy ways locking up your bike will give you that fuzzy feeling of relief, so we rounded up the 8 ways to store your bike that look cool and help you to save space.

1. Outdoor Bike Shed


2. Deer Antler Bike Holder by Outline Works



3. Bike Holder and Shelf Unit via Creme Cycles



4. Wall Bike Storage by Cycloc


5.  Ceiling Hook for Bike Storage Bike_Storage-5

6. Bike Shelf by Board by Design

Bike_Storage-6 7. Bike Rack Birdhouse by Dimini


8. Wood Wall Bike Rack from CB2 Bike_Storage-8


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