Bike Helmet Friendly Hair: 7 Ponytail Styles

Wearing a ponytail in your hair can be a quick, easy and stylish hairstyle for your on-the-go lifestyle. But wearing a ponytail under your bike helmet can be a challenge.  We don’t want you sans helmet while you ride your bike so we rounded up 7 chic ponytail styles that fit nicely under your bike helmet. Ponytail_cycling-1

Image Credit: Little Winter Bride

1. French twist ponytail– Inspired by the super-low ponytails on recent runways (but with a decorative braiding accent), this tail is on the cutting edge. Click here for a tutorial.


Image Credit: Pinterest

2. The Blair Waldorf Low Ponytail: This twisted, textured style is as chic as a chignon, but much more bad-ass. A classy look when you need to ride to a professional setting or meeting.

Image Credit: YouTube

3. Low Messy Ponytail Flip: The Inverse Ponytail is a variation on the standard Ponytail. It can add extra class to the otherwise simple ponytail. Super easy for on the go bike rides too.


Image Credit: Pinterest

4. Relaxed Twisted Ponytail: Relaxed French Braid is an ideal everyday hairstyle. It’s a cute hairstyle that’s perfect for school, work or a bike date.


Image Credit: Moon Dancer Magic

5. Rolling Pin Ponytail: Super cute! This twisted side ponytail is a perfect everyday hairstyle when you are on the go. All you need is a hair elastic and some bobby pins. 🙂


Image Credit: Elle

6. Chic low flat ponytail:This is the perfect ponytail for those days when you are short on time and need to quickly hop on your bike, but want to look more put together. So easy and chic- our favorite kind of hairstyle.


Image Credit: Le Fashion

7. Low Fishtail PonytailThis pretty plait is tricky to master, but we know you guys can handle this bad boy. All you need are some colorful clip-in extensions, a hair elastic, and some flexible fingers. Looks good under a helmet too!


Image Credit: Left My Heart in Paris

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