7 Bike Friendly Orchards for Apple Picking



The first day of Fall has come and gone, which means it’s time to take the chunky sweaters out of storage and indulge in some amazing autumn activities. And at the top of that list is apple picking in upstate New York with a bike in tow. So we rounded up 7 pick your own apple orchards across the US.


1. Bear Swamp Orchard in Massachusetts. They have a beautiful place at the top of the hills in the Berkshires of western Mass, with views that reach out to Vermont and New Hampshire.  Relax, bring a picnic, and enjoy the breath-taking views by bike.

2. LoveApple Farm in New York. They have delicious apple cider donuts, a variety of pies, cookies, and breads, all made from scratch and of course pick your own apples.

3. Skytop Orchard in North Carolina. Ride your bike among panoramic mountain views, orchard ponds with ducks and geese, bamboo forest and of course, a mountaintop of fragrant apple and fruit trees.

4. Weston’s Antique Apple Orchard in Wisconsin. Among the orchard’s most unusual heirlooms are the Old Church and Lemonade apples, two of about a dozen varieties that grow nowhere else on earth; another, the Strawberry Chenango, is “so fragile you have to pick it with gloves,” Weston says. “It smells and tastes just like a rose.”

5. Deardorff Orchard in Minnesota. They grow 12 varieties of apples, on over 3,000 trees, and 5 varieties of Minnesota Cold Climate wine grapes, on 3,100 individual vines.

6. Skagit Orchard in Washington. Among the best heirlooms are the Sunrise—a cross between McIntosh and Golden Delicious—and the Calville Blanc d’Hiver, a 17th-century French variety that’s perfect for tarte aux pommes.

7. Oak Glen Orchard in California. One of the most scenic spots in Southern California, Oak Glen is nestled in the heart of Apple Country.


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