7 Bike Friendly Hair Styles We Love

imagePhoto Credit: Gessato

We all know how the feeling of stepping outside with your bicycle, dressed to the nines, with your hair done just so, and then coming to the realization that the only thing standing between you and all-day perfection is your bike helmet.  It’s a fact: helmet hair should be avoided at all costs, with the exception of wearing your bike helmet.  Safety first, right?  Of course.  We pulled together some of our favorite bike helmet-friendly looks that will complete your ensemble and let you stay safe on the streets.

1. We love this low double-knot for everyday bike riding.  It doesn’t take a ton of time or products, but it sure looks like it does.  You probably won’t have any bike helmet interference, but the best part is that even if you do, you can touch it up in a flash.image             Photo Credit: Fashionising

2. For a bit more detail, this low, braid-wrapped bun is just the thing when biking to work or more formal celebration.  Equally elegant under your bike helmet or at a cocktail party, this is an easy style that’s sure to impress.     image                                   Photo Credit: Real Simple

3. This retro up-do fits snugly inside your bike helmet so it won’t get mussed up during your commute to work.  It’ll add a vintage look to your outfit and, thanks to some bobby pins and hairspray, will stay secure all day long.

imagePhoto Credit: Fashionising

4. For a quick fix and a bit of warmth, try a headscarf or a turban (we like these from Chi Chi Dee!)  This accessory is all the rage now, and it’s just the thing for perfecting a bohemian look.  The wrap will not only keep you warm on chilly days, it’ll keep your tresses in place under your bike helmet while picking up the kids from school by bike.  

imagePhoto Credit: Chi Chi Dee

5. This low up-do is one part ponytail, one part French braid, all parts sweet and stylish for cycling to meet friends for brunch.  In a few minutes you can throw your hair into this woven ponytail and top it off comfortably with a bike helmet.

image                        Photo Credit: How To Video

6. If your curls are just plain out of control, tame them with this easy twisted ‘do.  It only takes a couple of minutes, and the result is simple, pretty, and best of all, it’ll stay secure when you ride your bike.image                                   Photo Credit: Real Simple

7. Milkmaid braids are gracing the heads of ever “It Girl” we see, lately, and we can understand why. This breezy, feminine look might seem elaborate, but it’s actually easy to achieve, and we like that the braids keep your hair tidy whether your bike-bound or not.  It may take some practice, but with some perseverance and a few well-placed pins, you can perfect this look.imagePhoto Credit: Hair Romance

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