TGIF: Interview with We-Bike-NYC; Liz Jose

5 Questions for Liz Jose of WE Bike NYC

1. What is WE bike? What is your position at WE bike? 

WE Bike is a ride group in NYC aimed at getting more women on the road.  I am the founder of WE Bike.  I started WE Bike because I realized there wasn’t a women’s only ride group in the city, and that having a group like this might help more women start to ride.  As women, WE realize that there are unique barriers to cycling for women, and that riding in a supportive group can be a great way to start building confidence.  WE offer a variety of types of rides including training rides (think: sweating), social rides (think: Ice cream), and field trips (think: riding on the track, or visiting a frame building studio).  WE also offer teams for group rides like the 5 Boro Bike Tour and ride scholarships so that money is never a barrier to getting out there!  Skirts to spandex, cross bikes to cruisers, we’ve got it all!

2. Does your bike have a story? 

I have 3 bikes here in New York. I know that’s excessive, but I have a problem getting rid of bikes because each one has a special story.  I have a custom built Benjamin bicycle, which was made by a local frame builder and good friend in Brooklyn.  Ben and I worked together for months to get everything just right in terms of size, style and function.  It even has my initials on the seat stays in gold!  I also have a red Royal Mail bicycle that I brought back with me from South Africa last summer.  The story behind that one is pretty long, but the short version is that I went to South Africa and volunteered at the Bicycle Empowerment Network- an amazing organization helping entrepreneurs set up community cycle shops. I fell in love with the mail bike, and after much labor and love from all the BEN staff, got it back to my apartment in NYC, where I use it to cart around tons of stuff. It’s my mini-van bike.  My last bike is a green Trek that I rode from Boston to San Francisco a few years ago. Needless to say, riding that bike is like coming home. 

3. What is your favorite restaurant in NYC?

This is a hard question. Usually, I’m so hungry my favorite restaurant is whatever is right in front of me! When friends or family are in town I really like to take them to Caracas in Brooklyn. The food is delicious and the ambiance is great. I also really love the micheladas there, which are kindof like a bloody mary with beer.

4. Early bird or night owl?

I am an early bird. For sure.  I love the city before everyone is awake.

5. Who is someone you admire?

I think Michelle Obama is the most incredible woman! She has mastered being articulate, feminine, stylish, powerful and smart all at the same time. She is the first leader I have seen who has been able to hold onto this balance with un-erring poise.  She is a leader, a mother, a thinker and a style icon.  I aspire to be all these things, and also to do them with half the elegance of Mrs. Obama.

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