Interview with Greer Shatzer

5 Question for Greer Shatzer

1. What is Your Spoiled Pets and why did you start this company? 

Your Spoiled Pets is a pet care service company that offers dog walking, doggy daycare, dog boarding and cat sitting. My husband and I started this company when we both realized that we were unhappy with our current professions at the time. We both knew we loved working with animals and were very knowladgable when it came to caring for them and what they need. We decided to quit doing what we spend thousands of dollars on studying in school and do something that we loved. 

2. Where did you get this fabulous vintage bicycle?

I got it when I was 18 as a birthday present from a boyfriend. I actually found a matching identical one, which I bought him for his birthday a year later.

3. What’s your favorite Brooklyn restaurant?

El Almacen or Moto. Can’t decide. They are both bikeable from my place.

4. What is your dream vacation?

Any place tropical with turqoise water, drinks on the beach and where the dogs can rome free.

5. Who is someone that inspires you?

Martha Stewart. Just Kidding. My husband, Scott.

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