5 DIY Nail Art Designs Inspired by Bikes

If you’ve ever eyed a fun, fierce nail art design with envy, prepare to gain some serious painting prowess of your own. These bicycle inspired decals and designs are to die for, and will inspire tons of experiments with colors and techniques. We’ve been around the nail art block a time or two, and shocking admirers with “we did this ourselves” never, ever gets old. bicyclnails Image Courtesy of I Speak Bike

After a quick click-though, you’ll learn the step-by-step basics of turning your love for bicycles into homemade nail art genius. Practice makes perfect, and don’t be surprised if you’re instantly obsessed with DIY nail art. Locate your polish, your patience, and have some fun!

Tour-de-France-Bicycle-Nails Image Courtesy of Nail Nerd

1. Tour De France: Layer on two coats of Color Club Almost Famous (total jersey yellow, it’s perfect). With that dry, use acrylics to paint in some TDF elements: a silhouette of a rider on the pinky, you’re favorite rider on the ring (UHMM, Mark Cavendish), the TDF logo on the middle finger, and a simple happy bike on the index.

nail-art-bicycles Image Courtesy of Pinterest

2. Blue Bicycles: Pick a pretty soft base color, paint with two coats. Use a thin nail brush to finely paint the dots and bicycles with a darker tone. We love these polishes by Essie and find this nail kit essential to achieving our creative designs.

bikes-nail-art Image Courtesy of Etsy

3. Bicycle Print Decals: It’s easy to give yourself a professional looking manicure with a set of decals! This set includes 15 bicycle pattern nail art decals printed on clear water slide decal paper. All you have to do is choose a pop out color and coat with a glossy gel.

bicycle-nail-decals Image Courtesy of Etsy

4. Bicycle Decals: These would look great on any color nail, but are most vibrant over light nail polishes. Clear Water Slide Nail decals look like they are painted on and last about 1 week with a good top coat after applying.

bicycle-nail-arts Image Courtesy of Nail Wish

5. Simple Tour Bicycle: No decals here or races, just a simple look with a bright color and some art a la bicyclette. Just make sure your coats are dry before you start with a patter. Using acrylic paint and a brush will get this bicycle look down perfectly. Ready to get your nail art on yet?

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