5 Bike Helmet-Friendly Short Hair Styles

If you’re rocking a short ‘do under a bike helmet, then consider yourself a self-confident badass in our book. However, just because you embrace your short tresses doesn’t mean you can’t fall into a hair rut after a sweaty bike ride. But luckily for you, styling you’re helmet hair is easier than dodging winter puddles. So to ensure to keep your short hair from aching, we rounded up 5 easy short hair styles for daily bike commute. Whether you want to go soft and romantic or sleek and sexy, gals with long locks are going to have some serious hair envy.


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1. The Pixie: Short do’s are the thing now that Jennifer Lawrence and Miley Cyrus have gone pixie. This style is easy to do as long as you’re willing to spend some time prepping it. When you reach your destination, remove your helmet, finger-comb the curls to loosen them up and coax your hair into place with your fingers.


 Image Courtesy of Refinery 29

2. The Curly Bob: Little-known hint: Curly hair is the perfect candidate for a short bob, as the extra texture makes the style less stark and more genuine-looking. Primp up your curly bob by scrunching with your fingers tips and a little texture creme after your bicycle ride.


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3. The Sleek Crop: Whether you’re overdue for a trim or want to transition into a longer style, brushing short hair back is a great way to handle in-between stages and easy to do after a ride. All you need to do is pack a travel size brush and hairspray in your bike pannier. Tease the hair at the roots and spritz with some hairspray. Kiss helmet head goodbye!


Image Courtesy of Refinery 29

4. The Banged Bob: As simple as this looks, it’s easy to get messed up under a bike helmet. Just be sure to bring along a travel-sized brush and maybe wear it under one of these turbans to keep your bangs from sticking to the side of your head.


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5. The Short & Wavy: If you’re rocking the bob already and would like some volume, the bigger the better, try adding a little wave to your do. It’s easy to style after a ride and simple to wear under a bike helmet. After your ride, just flip your hair upside down and spray your hair with this frizz eliminator. Then flip your hair back over, separate some pieces with your fingers and tuck one side behind your hair.

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