5 Bike Beverage Holders


{ Image Courtesy of Velvet Nectar }

Riding a bike and drinking a beverage is not only difficult but super dangerous. It’s kinda like texting and driving a car. So we rounded up 5 drink-bike solutions to keep you safe and hydrated (I mean caffeinated).

1. Hardwood Bike Basket with Cup Holder-We found this cute teak bike crate that has a divider that creates a holder for your coffee.


2. Alloy Handlebar Cup Holder-This cup holder sits nicely behind your bike basket and grips your drink with the built in no slip liner.

Bike_Cup_Holder-3 3. Coconut Bike Cup Holder– This cup holder is perfect your beach cruiser. Trust me, you will get noticed with this real coconut as a cup holder.

cupholder 4. Bike Cup Holder by Paul Kweton-This cup holder is functional but this is our least favorite. I would be worry about spilling the drink or even hitting someone with a hot coffee.

Bike_Cup_Holder 5. Delta Cycle Beverage Holder-This adjustable beverage holder can hold those grande latte from Starbucks with ease and style.

Bike_Beverage_Holder Which one is your favorite?

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