Bike Style Interview with Kate of Petal by Pedal


1. Tell us about Petal by Pedal.

Petal by Pedal seeks to bring locally grown bouquets to New York City doorsteps, by bicycle. Celebrating the natural beauty growing within our own backyard, Petal by Pedal picks seasonal flowers from urban rooftops, Brooklyn gardens, and New York farms — and delivers them via Bullitt cargo bicycles bearing PxP’s nostalgic logo. Our handcrafted bouquets are thoughtfully arranged and sustainably packaged in recycled brown kraft paper and mason jars, with our cards typed out by typewriter. We offer authenticity and connection in the realm of buying flowers online — flowers simplified.

Petal-by_Pedal 2

2. Where is your favorite destination for a bicycle ride? (more…)

DIY Turban for Bike Friendly Hair


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Need a fashionable solution to keep hair in place while you ride your bike on a windy day? We found a great DIY tutorial for a fashion turban from Framboise Fashion to keep your tresses in place. Also, this fashion turban is a chic way to keep your hair looking chic under your bike helmet.

4 Steps to Bike Friendly Hair

1. Curl up a scarf and place it at the back of your head.
2. Twist the two sides in the front of your forehead and tie a knot on the back of your head.
3. Cover your head with the end of the scarf from both sides.
4. Tuck the ends from the back in. Get ready to ride!


5 Favorite Catherine Baba Street Style Pictures

Everyone loves Catherine Baba for her unique style, bold statement and her favorite mode of transportation in Paris-a bicycle, of course. There is even a blog on tumblr dedicated to her called Fuck Yeah Catherine Baba. She has worked for Chanel, Givenchy, Balmain and Ungaro and is a freelance stylist and consultant for a number of fashion houses and designers. Yeah, she’s cool. Here are our 5 favorite pictures of her riding in the streets of Paris. Catherine_Baba_Bike-5 (more…)

7 Stylish Black & White Bike Accessories


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We’ve found a handful of stylish black & white biking extras with some major wheel appeal, from adorable bicycle gear including helmets that aren’t hideous to cute fashion finds!  Get inspired by our bicycle-chic finds to make sure you and your metal steed can cruise in style.

1. Bold Black & White Stripe Sunnies 2. Vince d’Orsay Riding Flats 3. Cameo Bike Bell 4. Daisy Accented Nutcase Bike Helmet 5. Black & White Toile Bike Seat Cover 6. Black & White Snake Bike Lock 7. Cute Stripe Bike Flag


Interview with Melissa of Bike Pretty


1. Tell us about Bike Pretty.

Have you ever been in this situation? You’re biking home from work and you stop at a light. You look around at your fellow bike-commuters, and realize you’re the only lady in the bike lane. Not only that, but all the dudes are kitted out with hi-viz wind breakers, clip-in pedals, helmet mirrors, massive messenger bags, and various high-tech accoutrements. (more…)

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