Bike Interview: Mara & Megan of Henry Liz (cool bike totes designers)


1. Tell us about Henry Liz?
We came to this from an innovation standpoint, from a fashion-first perspective on the whole biking thing. We saw a real problem, for real people in NYC, in SF, in Portland, in Paris — you know urban cyclists who are using their bicycles to go to brunch, to the work meeting, on dates. This helmet tote is all about letting people weave helmets into their lives — Safe marries Style. And keeping these amazing people safe and free.

2. How did you come up with the idea for Henry Liz?
OK, Megan went to DC and was hanging with friends and they were using the DC version of Citibike, and they didn’t have an elegant solution for carrying their bicycle helmets around. And Megan thought about that. And she saw me at a party on the rooftop of our old building on the Bowery. And there was a lot of nostalgia about that roof. Great place, great memories, always amazing ideas spawning left and right on that roof. Anyway, she’s gazing at the New Museum and she tells me about DC. And then suddenly we’re making prototypes in my place in Williamsburg. “Atelier Holmgren.” And we make a million versions, meet Roy (our manufacturer), and voila. (more…)

Cool Music Video: Brooklyn Chamber Pop artist AK

AK Bike Music Video Chamber-pop artist AK just released her music video for the song “Circles” directed by David Formentin and shot by Ray Levé in the Ditmas Park, Brooklyn, NY. AK sings about aimless post-college summer days spent with a close knit group of friends riding bikes, swimming in lakes, and hiding out on porches during thunderstorms. Anthemic vocal harmonies and upbeat rhythms mimic the sound of bicycle wheels turning as we ride through a long hot summer day. We love the talented’s AK video and just had to share with y’all.

“Circles” by AK from alexandra kalinowski on Vimeo.

5 Cats Who Cruise in Bike Baskets


elizabethnettles }

It’s ridiculous, right? It’s one thing to bike with your baby in tow, and it’s completely reasonable to bring your pooch along for a ride. But carrying a cat by bicycle? Although it’s not often done, it certainly can be, and it’s a lot more practical than you might think.

Cats are a lot more sensitive than dogs, and our feline friends are often homebound, especially in cities where outdoor exploration could be quite dangerous. But if you’re both a dedicated cyclist and devoted cat-owner, here are 5 cool cats who like to cruise on bikes too.


{ catnap707 } (more…)

5 Stylish Sunnies for Summer Biking


Ya know, it’s bright out there. There’s nothing worse than hopping on your bike in the summer sun and having to squint the whole time. You should be able to take in the scenery! Protect your peepers with a pair of our favorite shades:

1. Jimmy Choo Havana Polarized Sunglasses at Nordstrom for $130.00

2. Warby Parker Marple Sunglasses for $145.00

3. WOOED Weathered Black Sunglasses at Etsy for $95.00

4. Merona Gradient Wire Rim Sunglasses at Target for $17.00

5. Ray-Ban Oversized Wayfarer at Saks Fifth Avenue for $155


Henry Liz: Stylish Bike Helmet Totes

Just came across this super cute company called Henry Liz  which is a “Made in the US” brand, that believes in bringing jobs and manufacturing back to the US.  Yay, go Henry Liz!

Right now Henry Liz has two unique bags: The Unisex Waxed Canvas Bedford Bike Helmet Bag and our Higher Quality Leather Bowery Bike Helmet Bag (which is my personal favorite). These bags answer the question “what do you do with your bike helmet when you are off your bike?” a question a lot of urban bikers ask themselves as they go from place to place, whether that be a meeting, dinner, or hanging with friends.

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 8.05.34 AM

So Henry Liz came up with this idea because they noticed that a lot of people weren’t wearing their bike helmets while riding their bike, mostly because they didn’t want to carry their bike helmets around with them off their bike – now they have no excuse!!

Check out and fund their Kickstarter campaign here.

Also, follow Henry Liz’s journey on Instagram too.


Life is a beautiful ride T-shirt


While looking for some new yoga T-shirts this week I came across this burned out T-Shirt on Etsy by the Missouri designer OhSudzGifts. This tee looks super comfortable and I love the quote: “life is a beautiful ride.” Now, I just have to decide on which color….

5 White Frocks for Summertime Cycling


Photography: Simona Negrila

We rounded up 5 bike-friendly frocks to frolic in this summer to beat the heat. Each dress is roomy and movable but don’t worry there are no muumuu’s here. These summertime dresses also give you a greater range of motion than a more traditional style, which is always a plus when you’re bike-bound. Don’t forget our bike skirt garter clip for those summer breezes that can cause those unflattering Marilyn moments in the bike lane.


1. Pintuck spaghetti strap dress from JCrew for $88.00

2. White cutout dress from Modcloth for $35.00

3. Midi embroidered lace dress from Asos for $173.00

4. Off-white fit & flare dress from Nordstrom for $50.00

5. White shift dress from Zara for $60.00




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