Six Sweaters for September Bike Rides Under $100


We are slowly starting to feel the chill in air on our morning and evening bike commutes. We are not ready to bring out our jackets and coats just yet but a pullover or cardigan sweater are prefect for September bike rides. Here are size sweaters we are crushing over this season:

1. Wool sweater with lace detail from JCrew for $98.00-This cozy layer has an easy silhouette (looks like a sweater, wears like a sweatshirt) and gets a heavy dose of feminine charm thanks to the needle punched lace. The extra room in the silhouette is easy to move in while you ride your bike.

jcrew_grey_lace-detail-sweater (more…)

Bike Interview with Style Blogger Joua


{ Gina Her Photography }

1. Tell us about your blog “Joua To The Rescue
I started my personal style blog in 2010 after being inspired by renowned fashion bloggers Chriselle Lim of “The Chriselle Factor” and Aimee Song of “Song of Style”. However, I stopped managing my blog between 2011 and early 2014 when my business partner Parker XL and I were on a mission to successfully run the first online fashion and entertainment magazine in Minnesota… something that would be unique from mainstream Minnesota fashion and entertainment. After having left my job there in April 2014, I realized that virtually every time I made a post on the blog, it was because I was bored. My boredom led me to pick up my blog again and hence the name, “Joua to the Rescue”.
My personal style blog is my form of entertainment by “rescuing” my boring days and those who just needs a quirky and lovely encouragement for the day. On “Joua To The Rescue” blog you’ll find my generally classy and sassy personal style, me playing with a random item sometimes such as a grapefruit, along with some fashion tips. For example, right now I am working on a “Budget-nista” collaboration that features an outfit that’s less than $100 from diverse well styled fashion bloggers who generally shop on a budget. I am content that I returned to blogging because it’s my outlet to connect with my passion for fashion, and friends and family with similar interest! (more…)

DIY Milk Maid Braids For Bike Helmet-Friendly Hair


Even though we’re on the fall foliage and apple picking side of Labor Day weekend, this recent heatwave hitting the East coast and much of the country reminded us at Eleanor’s that we shouldn’t say goodbye to our great summer riding tips just yet.  One style trend that we love is donning milk maid braids on these sweltering days to keep cool and breezy.  We found this simple and chic DIY from our friends at Sassy Sparrow. It’s a great hairstyle no matter what your transportation choice, but it excels when it comes time to throw on your Belle helmet.  Stylish, cooling and helmet-head resilient.  Who could ask for a better hairstyle in these dog days of…fall?

DIY_Milk_Maid_Braids { Image Courtesy of Sassy Sparrow }


Bike Interview with Accessories Designer Silke Jacobs

Silke Jacobs

1. Tell us about bySilkeJacobs?

The idea for my namesake line of bags and accessories came about 3 years ago when I started sewing again to make fun and practical bags for myself and friends. After a few months of experimenting and creating my own designs, I realized how much I enjoyed the process and decided to open up an Etsy shop. As the orders kept coming in, I expanded my brand, collection, and customer base. My current collection includes a wide variety of accessories ranging from coin purses and pencil pouches to shoulder bags and totes.


11 Must See Creative Bike Parking

Bike parking can be a bore, finding bike parking can be work too, but creative minds like David Brynes are collaborating with cities to make storing your precious steed a little more fun and easy. We’ve gone around the web and our neighborhood to check out the latest creations of fun bike racks to get you excited to find the next destination to park.

Here are 11 creative and unique bike parking that we love:


Photo Courtesy of Dandy Horse Magazine worldbikeparking

Photo Courtesy of Bike Portland yarnbombbikerack (more…)

Bike Interview: Mara & Megan of Henry Liz (cool bike totes designers)


1. Tell us about Henry Liz?
We came to this from an innovation standpoint, from a fashion-first perspective on the whole biking thing. We saw a real problem, for real people in NYC, in SF, in Portland, in Paris — you know urban cyclists who are using their bicycles to go to brunch, to the work meeting, on dates. This helmet tote is all about letting people weave helmets into their lives — Safe marries Style. And keeping these amazing people safe and free.

2. How did you come up with the idea for Henry Liz?
OK, Megan went to DC and was hanging with friends and they were using the DC version of Citibike, and they didn’t have an elegant solution for carrying their bicycle helmets around. And Megan thought about that. And she saw me at a party on the rooftop of our old building on the Bowery. And there was a lot of nostalgia about that roof. Great place, great memories, always amazing ideas spawning left and right on that roof. Anyway, she’s gazing at the New Museum and she tells me about DC. And then suddenly we’re making prototypes in my place in Williamsburg. “Atelier Holmgren.” And we make a million versions, meet Roy (our manufacturer), and voila. (more…)

Cool Music Video: Brooklyn Chamber Pop artist AK

AK Bike Music Video Chamber-pop artist AK just released her music video for the song “Circles” directed by David Formentin and shot by Ray Levé in the Ditmas Park, Brooklyn, NY. AK sings about aimless post-college summer days spent with a close knit group of friends riding bikes, swimming in lakes, and hiding out on porches during thunderstorms. Anthemic vocal harmonies and upbeat rhythms mimic the sound of bicycle wheels turning as we ride through a long hot summer day. We love the talented’s AK video and just had to share with y’all.

“Circles” by AK from alexandra kalinowski on Vimeo.

5 Cats Who Cruise in Bike Baskets


elizabethnettles }

It’s ridiculous, right? It’s one thing to bike with your baby in tow, and it’s completely reasonable to bring your pooch along for a ride. But carrying a cat by bicycle? Although it’s not often done, it certainly can be, and it’s a lot more practical than you might think.

Cats are a lot more sensitive than dogs, and our feline friends are often homebound, especially in cities where outdoor exploration could be quite dangerous. But if you’re both a dedicated cyclist and devoted cat-owner, here are 5 cool cats who like to cruise on bikes too.


{ catnap707 } (more…)

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